· Legal Aspects of Occupational Health and Safety, Problems and Solutions in Applications

· National-International Legislation, Management Systems and Standards in OHS (ILO Contracts, EU Directives, National Law, Regulations, Standards )

· OHS Applications in Public Sector

· Work Accidents: Causes, Results, Prevention, Evaluation, Notification, Accident Analysis

o Occupational Diseases

· Community Health Interaction with OHS

· OHS Practices example (Public and Private Sector)

· OHS Trainings of Employees (Theoretical- Practical- Job Interviews- Assessment and evaluation)

· Assessment and evaluation in OHS

· Vocational Education – Professional Competence in OHS

· OHS Culture, OHS Policies and Dissemination, Leadership in OHS

· Occupational Safety Specialist and Workplace Medicine (Duty-Authority-Responsibilities, Problems Encountered, Field Practices, Professional Liability Insurance)

· Workplace and Common Health-Safety Units

· OHS Organization and Control Models at Workplaces and Country Level

· Health and Safety Management in Case of Emergency

· Hazard and Risk Concepts

· Risk Groups in Employees and OHS (Woman, Child, Young, Old, Migrant, Disabled)

· Flexible Employment Forms and Impact on OHS

· Risk Assessment

· Prevention and Protection in OHS

· Absenteeism and Prevention

· Safety and Periodic Controls in Work Equipment

· Personal Protective Equipment and CE

· Workplace Environment Factors (Physical, Chemical, Biological, Psychological, Ergonomic, Powders etc.) and Protection

· Psychosocial Hazards (Stress, mobbing etc.) and Security

· OHS Services in SME

· OHS Applications in Closed Areas

· OHS in Agriculture

· OHS in Transport, Stacking and Storage

· OHS in Height and Fall Hazards

· OHS in Welding Manufacturing

· Safety in Maintenance and Repair

· Safety in Work with Flammable and Explosive Substances

· OHS in Work with Screened Tools

· Ergonomics

· OHS Studies and Ethics

· Industrial Hygiene

· Fire security

· Transportation of Hazardous Substances and OHS

· Process Safety

· Major Industrial Accidents (BEKRA, SEVESO)

· Incentive Practices in OHS

· Sectorial OHS Professionals

· Sustainability in OHS

· New hazards brought by modern technology in workplaces (GSM, Radio Frequency, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome, Nanotechnology)

· OHS in Urban Transformation

· OHS in Sport

· OHS in Vocational School of Higher Education and Vocational Schools

· OHS in Construction (Tunnel Construction Included)

· OHS Special Software and OHS Information Management System Process

· Trainings for OHS Undergraduate and Graduate Employees

· OHS Management systems

· ISO 45001 Management Systems and Applications

· OHS and Asbestos in Urban Transformation

· Local and Regional Cooperation in OHS