II.International, XI.National Occupational Health and Safety Congress Exhibition which will be held in October 25-28, 2023 will be called “EXHIBITION”, UCTEA Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Adana Branch will be called “REGULATORY BODY”, and companies and organizations participating in the exhibition will be called “COMPANY”.


  • To increase the knowledge of the participants
  • To exhibit products and innovations in the field of occupational health and safety, and to provide industrial, commercial and technical communication among all the employees in the sector during the 3 days of the


  • EXHIBITION will be held in Çukurova University Mithat Özsan Hall Foyer Area, will start October 25, 2023 at 10:00 and continue until October 28, 2023 evening, and will be open to visitors from 09:00 to 18:00 every
  • REGULATORY BODY will provide the following services;
  • The general decoration of the EXHIBITION area
  • Installation of the electricity wiring
  • Installing lighting spots
  • Table, chair, cover if needed
  • Establishment of a consultation office
  • Establishment of music and communication system in the EXHIBITON area
  • Overall cleaning and security of the EXHIBITON area
  • Introducing and announcing the
    • REGULATORY BODY is authorized to make the changes it deems necessary in the services and to interpret SPECIFICATION and CONTRACT with taking into account the rights of the
    • The interior arrangement of the EXHIBITION area will be made by the COMPANY. However, REGULATORY BODY has the right to protect the overall Exhibition layout. Therefore the COMPANIES who want additional decor, special lighting etc. must provide information and
    • The COMPANY is responsible for protection of their own area and materials. Commit to compensate the
    • The COMPANY will make its products ready for being exhibited 1 (one) hour before the opening of the EXHIBITION and will have an personnel sufficient to provide technical and commercial information during the
    • COMPANY is responsible for the law about staff, products and
    • REGULATORY BODY will take all measures related to the security of the EXHIBITION areas and the insurance liability of the exhibited products will belong to the COMPANY.
    • COMPANY will unstuff the exhibition area on October 26, 2023 between 09:00 – 12:00 otherwise, COMPANY will pay all the costs incurred for the unloading and any
    • COMPANY cannot transfer the rights provided by the contract partially or wholly. REGULATORY BODY has the right to reject the COMPANY in spite of the execution of a contract in order to ensure the integrity of the purpose and scope of the
    • The obligations of the parties will continue if EXHIBITION cannot be opened and/or postopened, arranged in another area or closed early due to reasons (extraordinary situations or natural disaster) not in the hands of the REGULATORY



  • The contract will be signed until October 1, 2023 at the latest and sent to the REGULATORY BODY.
  • COMPANY will pay the costs in cash stated in the contract to the REGULATORY BODY until October 15,



  • CONTRACT, EXHIBITION layout plan is the natural supplement of this
  • It is essential to resolve any disputes that may arise through mutual communication. Otherwise, ADANA Courts and Enforcement Offices are






EXHIBITIONUnit Price (€/m²)Amount(m²)CodeTotal
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Total Amount 
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We would like to participate in the OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY EXHIBITON which will be held at CU Mithat Özsan Hall area between October 25-28, 2023 by the Adana Branch of UCTEA Chamber of Mechnical Engineers. We examined the terms and conditions of the Exhibition Participation. We accept all terms and agree-commit to pay

…………TL for exhibition participation fee. ………./……… /2023



Participant Organization                                                       CHAMBER APPROVAL Seal and Signature