1. Papers should be drafted as papers in the topics mentioned in the event announcements, also include technological developments and innovations, practices, researches and results.

2. The title and content of the Paper must match. Content of the Paper should be clearly defined.

3. Paper language must be English. Please note that the language used in the Paper should be understandable in English.

4. The style, format and language of the Paper should be appropriate to the congress structure and ethics.

5. Benefits of a particular company or company community should not be brought to the forefront, advertising and propaganda should not be made on this issue. Any company, product (or system), device or brand should not be advertised in the Paper.

6. Papers must not have been previously published in any journal, catalog or book and must not have been presented at any event. The responsibility of the subject in the Paper belongs to the author(s).

7. Papers; as Research Papers or Information Papers will be accepted or rejected as oral or poster. Please indicate on your registration form how you would like your Paper to be accepted.

8. The Paper should contain a abstract of 200 words and should include objectives, findings and discussion, conclusions and recommendations.

9. Papers can be sent to isgadana@mmo.org.tr by e-mail.